Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mesa releases v.7.1

On the 26th of August, Mesa released the 7.1 version of their open-source implementation of the OpenGL library.

This is a development release, and warns that users focused on stability should go for the 7.0.4 release instead (or wait for 7.2). There are some interesting features added though, like DRI enhancements, "lots of DRI driver fixes", and GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap in Xlib driver. They also mention the upcoming change to the GEM Memory Manager. The last is not in this release, but it is in the master branch of the GIT source tree, so I guess now we just wait...

The most interesting for me however is probably the support for the GL shading language on the i965 driver (Intel cards), this might actually mean that the integrated graphics card on my laptop finally supports shaders! Welcome to 2004! I bought the laptop with the intel card because of their great open source support, but was very (to say the least) surprised when it didn't have support of OpenGL2.0 or higher (or at least the shader side of it). Now my masters thesis might actually look a bit better, or at least as crappy as it looked on my desktop computer. +

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