Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hell has finally frozen over!

Today marks a milestone in human history, like when man crawled onto land and decided to stay there, or the industrial revolution. Adobe has finally released a 64 bit Flash version for Linux! And not only for Linux, but also for.. oh wait, no ONLY for Linux! It must be the first time ever a large, closed source, company releases a linux version before any other platform. Kudos to them! I just wish they would focus on a 64 bit ver... oh wait.

This is just an early version, "pre release quality", but it does mean alot. I'll download it as soon as possible, and I hope you don't forget to also report bugs on their official bugtracker, and not only complain on a forum somewhere. But what took them so long? Tinic Uro explains some of it on his blog.

This was probably one of the last things that my girlfriend complains daily about, which usually goes like:
"Why the HELL do you want things like this?! Never ANYTHING working! Always spending half an hour fixing this and that, EVERYTIME we are supposed to watch a movie (with subtitles), youtube video or listen to internet radio."
I also saw that Sun is actually about to release (newly released) their 64-bit version of their JRE and their java plugins as well. It only took them 4 years to fix that bug! Now it is supposed to work on Linux/Windows/Mac and soon Solaris. Hell, maybe soon I won't even bitch monthly about surfing the web.